Casement & Sash Windows

Casement & Sash Windows

Full draught proofing is also available on sash and casement windows.  

Sash Windows
Both sashes are lifted out of the frame. Where it impedes movement excessive paint build up is removed. Small groves are cut into the timber using a high precision grooving machine, carrier, pile & seal are inlaid to the groove. Existing parting bead is removed and replaced with a new timber parting bead. The sashes are then accurately weighed and, if required, additional counterbalance weights are added. New pulley wheels are installed where necessary. The sashes are realigned where practical and then carefully reassembled within the box frame with new sash cords. New staff bead with brush pile is then installed. New timber will be primed ready for decoration, or if requested will be decorated by our installer.

Casement Windows
Windows are removed from the frame and then aligned. Grooves are cut and then inlaid with carrier, pile and seal. The window is then hung and adjusted as needed.

Key Benefits:

  • Easy opening and closing of windows
  • Eliminates draughts
  • Keeps dirt & insects out
  • Cuts noise by 50%
  • Warmer home with fuel saving
  • Increased comfort
  • Approved for grade 1 & 2
  • Conform to BS6375 and BS7386 the British standard for draught proofing new & existing homes
  • BSEN ISO 9002 approved product
  • Fully guaranteed