What we offer?

Draught Proofing

Keep that draught out of your home this winter
Both sashes are lifted out of the frame. Where it impedes movement excessive paint build up is removed. small groves are cut into the timber using a high precision grooving machine, carrier, pile & seal are inlaid to the groove. Existing parting bead is removed and replaced with a new timber parting bead. The sashes are then accurately weighed and, if required, additional counter balance weights are added. new pulley wheels are installed where necessary. The sashes are realigned where practical and then carefully reassembled within the box frame with new sash cords. New staff bead with brush pile is then installed. New timber will be primed ready for decoration, or if requested will be decorated by our installer.

Side, top openers and doors

Side, top openers and doors A similar system is used where the casements or doors are removed from the frame and aligned, grooves are then cut and inlayed with carrier, pile and seal, the casement or door is then hung and adjusted as needed.

Servicing & Repairs

Are your windows or doors old and need a little care and attention?

We can fully service your windows and doors to get them back to fully working order.

  • Face and fill
    fine or hairline fractures can be faced off off using a high quality timber filler sanded down and primed ready for decoration, or can be decorated by our installer.

  • Small/large repairs
    Decayed timber can be removed and made good by scarfing in new timber. all exposed timber would then be primed ready for decoration, or again could be decorated by our installer.

    Where several large repairs would be necessary we would recommend new joinery.

  • Glue and fix tenon Where a tenon joint has failed it can be opened up, cleaned, glued, and faced off with a high quality timber filler. All exposed timber would be primed ready for decoration, or again decorated by our installer. Where a joint has failed due to incorrect glass size, new glass may be required.

  • Box sill & lining replacement
    Where excessive decay has occurred, new or half box linings can be installed..

  • Glass replacement and putty repairs
    Broken panes of glass and old putty can be carefully removed and replaced. Small putty repairs can be undertaken but may not give a long life effective seal